How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on iPhone

Don’t know how to turn on or turn off the dark mode on iPhone? In this tutorial, we will teach how to enable or disable night mode on iPhone.

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on iPhone

Dark mode or night mode has been popular over the last few years. If you have an OLED screen that makes your apps look even better. Moreover, this dark mode also helps save your smartphone’s battery life. With the release of iOS 13, the dark mode has been added to the iPhone build-in feature.

What are the ways to enable or disable dark mode on iPhone?

There are three ways to enable the dark mode and disable the dark mode. But it will work on iOS 13. So, if you want this feature on your smartphone, you should update your iOS version.

Method 1: Enable Or Disable Dark Mode from Settings

Step 1: First, open your Settings app,
Step 2: Then tap on Display & Brightness,
Step 3: There, you’ll get two configurations for Light & Dark,
Step 4: Select Dark. You’re in Dark Mode!

Method 2: Turn on & Turn off Dark Mode from Control Center

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on iPhone

Step 1: Open Control Center,
Step 2: Then touch and hold the brightness control,
Step 3: Then tap Dark Mode On or Dark Mode Off.

Method 3: Turn on & off Dark Mode by using Siri

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone.
Step 2: Now say, “Hey, Siri, turn on the dark mode”.  It will immediately switch on the dark mode. To turn off it, simply say, “”Hey, Siri, turn off dark mode”.”

Among these three methods telling Siri to do that is the very effective and most straightforward way.

How to set a schedule for Dark mode on iPhone

Dark mode can also set automatic active and also automatic off as well. It will be configured at sunset or at a specific time. To configure this, you need to follow the steps-

Step 1: Open the Settings app.
Step 2: Tap on Display & Brightness.
Step 3: Now select Automatic.
Step 4: To set a schedule for Dark Mode, tap the options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The dark mode is quite an interesting feature among the young generation. We hope through the tutorial you know how to enable the dark mode on the iPhone and the disabling method of dark mode. If you still face any problems, simply let us know through the comment section.

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