How to Set Fingerprint Lock on Android

Setting up a security lock on your smart Android phone keeps your mind in peace. Because when you are not around with your phone, no one can infringe on your privacy. So, if you have not set any lock settings, you should do it as soon as possible. This tutorial will teach you how to set a fingerprint scanner lock on your Android device.

How to Set Fingerprint Lock on Android

What is the Setup process for Fingerprint scanner lock on Android?

Setting up a fingerprint scanner lock is too easy. Android users mostly use this lock setting. See how to set up a fingerprint lock.

Step 1: First, you have to go Settings app on your android phone,
Step 2: Then you have to go Security & location option,
Step 3: Then you get their Device security option,
Step 4: Now choose Fingerprint,
Step 5: You will get their Add fingerprint option tap on that
Step 6: Now scan your finger with the finger scanner button,
Step 7: Do it several times till the circle has not been completed,
Step 8: Now press Done.

Note- This feature is only available in which smartphones have fingerprint sensors. Some settings can be different based on OS & device. But almost all the things are the same.

Things you should know-

  • You can add multiple fingers; we recommend at least using two-finger.
  • You can install apps with your fingerprint lock; see how to lock apps using fingerprint lock.
  • After setting up the finger, if you try with the wrong finger 5 times, it will be locked for 30 seconds. However, you can still unlock your phone by using a screen lock.
  • You can also remove or change your existing Fingerprint if you want. See how to do that and remove the finger lock.

How can unlock the phone after using the fingerprint sensor feature?

This is very easy to unlock your phone while using a fingerprint sensor. Whenever you want to unlock your phone, press on the finger sensor with the registered finger; it will unlock your smartphone instantly. But if you input the wrong finger five times, it will lock, but don’t worry, you can retry after 30 seconds.

The fingerprint sensor is now the most common feature of an android device. Android users massively use this “fingerprint lock” setting among all lock settings. However, we have covered the whole process of setting fingerprint lock on your android device. If you have faced any problems setting up lock settings, you can tell us through the comment box.

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